Information and timetables

Trains to Skopelos

In Greece here is a good train network.

For train timetables, tickets and information this is the website of the train company Trainose.
The trains you need to get to Skopelos are from Athens or Thessaloniki.
It takes about the same length of time and prices are similar to that of the buses.
To get to Volos regardless of where you come from you will need to change at Larissa.
The main advantage of the trains is the ability to move around to fully enjoy the spectacular scenery you will pass through.

Trains from Athens to Skopelos

The central train station is about 40 minutes from the airport.
Buses run every hour.
Trains run daily from Athens to Larissa.
At Larissa you change for the Volos train.
Journey time is about 5 hours.
Tickets cost about 30 euro.

Trains from Thessaloniki to Skopelos

From the airport take the No78 bus to the train station. Tickets cost 0.50 euro from the kiosk or 0.60 euro on the bus. Don’t forget to validate your ticket on the bus by stamping it in the orange boxes.
The bus journey takes about 40 minutes with buses running every 45 minutes.
Take a train to Larissa and then change for Volos.
Journey time is 2:30 hours.
Tickets coast about 20 euro.
This journey passes through some spectacular scenery including under Mount Olympus.

Volos train station to the port

Volos train station is on the edge of the city only a short walk from the ferry port.
When you exit the train station turn left.
You will see the main harbor in front.
Walk to the seafront and follow it to the left.
The ferry ticket offices are opposite the port entrance.