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Its easy to get to Skopelos, flights operate all year to several airports in Greece.
There is no airport on Skopelos, which helps to maintain the beauty and character of this traditional Greek island.
If you are traveling to Skopelos, flights come into the following Greek airports;


Located on the neighboring island of Skiathos.
This is the closest airport to Skopelos.

Flights arrive here daily during the summer months.
In the winter there is a weekly service from Athens operated by Aegean Air.
From the airport it is a 10 minute taxi ride to the ferry port.

Skithos airport website for flights information.


This is the closest mainland airport.
The airport is located about 40 minutes by taxi from the ferry port in Volos.

There is also a regular bus service connecting the airport to Volos, journey time is about 1 hour.
There are international flights here only during the summer months.


Of the two major airports in Greece Thessaloniki is the closest to Skopelos.

Flights arrive here year round from all the main airlines.
The easiest journey is by bus to Volos and then ferry to Skopelos.
Take the No78 bus from the airport to the Macedonia bus terminal then the intercity bus to Volos. More details can be found on our bus travel page.
For flight information see Thessaloniki airport website


The largest airport in Greece with the largest number of flights.
The bus journey is slightly more complicated that the one from Thessaloniki.
The best options are to take a bus to the ports at Mantoudi (All year) or Agios Constantinos (summer only). From here its a ferry ride to Skopelos.
You need to take the X93 bus to the bus terminal where you can catch a bus to your ferry port.

You will find more details on our bus travel page.
Athens airport website for flights information.

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Airlines offering Skopelos flights

TUI Group: TUI.co.uk  TUI Holidays.ie  Fist Choice.co.uk

Easy jet Ryan Air
British Airways
Aegean Air