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Sea kayak coaching days

Coaching days contents

We will be working on the following during the sea kayak coaching days.

  • Forward paddling

Forward paddling is the most used stroke but probably the least practiced. Most of us get our kayaking moving forward in a relatively straight line and then move onto making fancy turns and tricks.

During our sea kayak coaching days we will have forward paddling work shops looking at how you can improve and change this most fundamental of strokes depending on conditions and equipment.

  • Boat handling

Of course we’re not going to forget the fancy stuff, we will work on boat handling in rocks, sea caves and rough water.

  • Rescues

We will look at self and peer rescues in a wide variety of environments.

  • Rolling classes

If you have a roll and want to improve or want to learn how to roll your kayak the we will have something for you.

We will look at the roll in detail and look at rolling in different environments and conditions.

  • British Canoeing Leadership Qualifications award

This is the perfect award for those that are looking to lead groups at sea.

We are also running the coastal navigation and tidal planning course.

  • British Canoeing Personal Performance award

For those of you that feel ready, we will run a sea kayak award assessment, you can use this week to prepare for this assessment.

  • British Canoeing coastal navigation and tidal planning course

This course is great for understanding tides, weather and using maps and charts to plan sea trips. It is also a pre requisite for the 4 star leader award.

  • Coach mentoring

If you are already a kayak coach or are thinking of becoming a coach we will also be running mentoring sessions so you can have a go at coaching while being observed by a higher level coach who will be able to give feedback, helping you to improve and become more confident.

  • Paddle awards

Courses from British Canoeing aimed at children under 16.

Sea kayak coaching days 2024

  • Sea kayak coaching days will be held at our base in Milia beach on Skopelos island, Greece.
  • Sea kayak award
  • Coastal navigation & tidal planning
  • We offer coaching for all ages and abilities
sea kayak coaching week

What’s included

  • Sea kayak, paddles, buoyancy aid, spray deck, towlines, navigation equipment and helmet (if required).
  • Lunch is buffet style prepared fresh each day, we try to use local produce as far as possible including fresh fruit, vegetables, bread. We can also cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian and gluten free.
  • Drinking water.
  • Mask and Snorkel.
  • We also bring a waterproof camera to capture the action! We then send the photos to you by email at a later date.


  • Prices include a buffet style lunch and your kayaking equipment
  • First aid, communication and safety equipment is carried by your coach
  • The price is 60€ per coaching day for adults and 50€ per day for under 16s
  • Sea kayak award assessment 350€ plus 50€ for the certificate from British Canoeing (optional)
  • Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course 100€
  • Discounts available for family and group bookings

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