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Here are links to other websites that we hope you will find useful.

Our partners offer a range of services from kayaking to accommodation.

Our kayaking partners offer a wide range of services from information about kayaking, coaching courses and guided tours in different areas of Europe.

Being on a holiday island we also have a lot of contact with providers of accommodation. They offer a wide range from luxury pool villas to sea front hotels, apartments and traditional village houses. It may be worth starting you search for accommodation on our sister site Ideal Skopelos. There is also links to Skopelos news, this blog site keeps you up to date with life on Skopelos island.

It is well worth bookmarking some of these links for future reference if you live on Skopelos, are thinking of buying property, or are thinking of visiting for a holiday or to work.

If you find a web site that you think offers information that our visitors would find useful, please send us an email with all the relevant details, including a short description so we can consider it.

If you own a website that you feel has relevant information to kayaking or the island of Skopelos. Please send an email to us with the details, a short description and the links you would like us to add. It is also worth adding your logo to you message too.

If you would like to add links to our website please feel free. You can either add it to our home page or you can add it to a page that you feel is more relevant. Should you like help adding links or would like to use our logo in your links please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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