Sea kayaking photos

Equipment from some of the best manufacturers

Sea kayak equipment


All our kayaks are sit inside sea kayaks. Although they are from different manufacturers they are all stable, comfortable and easy to use.
Most of our kayaks are plastic. They stand up to the high usage and take the bumps very well.
We do have some composite and handmade kayaks. These are available for use but need to be used with more care!


This high quality British manufacturer makes excellent composite and plastic kayaks.

We use;

Delphin & Scorpio

Seabird Designs

Norwegian kayak manufacturer with a huge range of kayaks.

We use;

Expedition, Discovery, Scott & Vicrory

Tahe Marine

Estonian kayak manufacturer.

We use;

Reval Midi and Lifestyle duo


A touring kayak that is stable and efficient to paddle from South Carolina manufacturer.

We use;



These are our double kayaks from this British manufacturer. They are very stable and comfortable, ideal for young families.

We use;

Essence and Horizon double kayak


Touring double-seater kayaks with excellent tracking qualities and a pleasant travelling speed made in Germany.

We use;



This important piece of kayak equipment comes in a wide range of materials and designs.
We have chosen a selection of paddles from some of the most respected manufacturers. We firmly believe high quality paddles will improve you kayaking experience.


Immensely strong structured blades, lightweight and exceptionally duradle.




Made by Nigel Dennis these paddles have carbon shaft with adjustable length and N12 nylon blades
We have two sizes of blade;
Kinetic 600
Kinetic 650


Quality, world-class ruggedness on the water made by Nigel Dennis.

Kinetic 750

Kinetic 600


We have a selection of these paddles with carbon shaft and fiberglass blade.

Greenland Paddles

We have 2 sets of handmade wooden Greenland paddles

Aqua Bound

These basic paddles are designed for general use.

Buoyancy aids

We have a wide range of buoyancy aids from a selection of manufacturers.

With different styles and sizes suitable for small children to large adults we will have something that you find comfortable.
Peak UK

Other kayak equipment

Neoprene spray decks from Peak UK
Tow lines
Navigation equipment

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