Videos from some of our trips


Sea kayaking videos from our Skopelos trips

Probably the best way to get an idea of what to expect when you join us is watching our sea kayaking videos.

These videos include some of the locations around Skopelos and the other Northern Sporades islands we visit on our day trips, sunset tours and expeditions.

We all love to paddle in warm calm seas with the sun on our backs. Chilling out on deserted beaches after a lazy picnic lunch. Exploring hidden coves only accessible from the sea. Very often only sea kayaks can safely get in and discover the hidden gems. Gently drifting into the darkest corners of sea caves or squeezing through small gaps in the rock! Sitting in amazement when we are lucky enough to see the amazing wildlife in this area.
For the more adventurous have a look at our sea kayaking videos taken when the wind blows. Coaching videos of rolling a kayak show how easy it looks!

These sea kayaking videos have it all!
Some of the videos were taken and edited by us, while others were shot by some of our friends during sunset trips and expeditions around Skopelos, Alonissos, Peristera and Kyra Panagia.
If you would like to take a video of your trip or would like to add your Skopelos sea kayaking videos here let us know. We do have waterproof cameras that you can play with during your trip.

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