kayaks for sale

Kayaks for sale

kayaks for sale

Kayaks for Sale

New and used kayaks

New and Used kayaks for sale

We are selling all our kayak equipment and can offer packages for people wanting to buy large quantities.

If you are interested in kayaks and equipment or taking over our business please get in touch and we can discuss any deals.

Kayaks for sale, new kayaks available from P&H, Seabird and Prijon. We also have our used kayaks for sale at very good prices.

Used Kayaks

Prijon Poseidon

We currently have 2 Prijon Posidon double kayaks for sale, the kayaks were bought new in July 2017

Both are yellow with rudders

Good stable kayaks that track well with or withouth the rudder


These kayaks are for sale at 1200€ each

P&H Aries 155

Aries 155 from P&H.

This is the fiberglass version, very responsive and highly maneoverable.

The Aries is designed for play on the sea, it performs well in waves and rocks, a great boat to have fun in or to coach from.

This boat is 18 months old and has only been used in the summer.

Light scratches to hull amd deck with some chips to the gel coat, all very easy to repair and scratches will polish out.


This kayak is for sale at 1300€

New this boat cost over €2000

Seabird Discovery

Two Discovery single kayaks, one green the other yellow.

These boats were new in May 2017 and have had light use so both are in excellent condition.

Both boats come with a rudder and are good and stable, ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers


Each kayak is 750€

Prijon CL490

These are the basic end of the Prijon range and are excellent value for money.

The kayaks are easy to control and are stable, perfect for beginners wanting to experience kayaking for the first time.

We have 3 of these kayaks for sale, all were new in July 2017


CL490 500€ each

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