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Ferries to Skopelos

Ferries to Skopelos

Ferries to Skopelos all year round

Ferries to Skopelos run all year although there is a reduced service during the winter months.

They operate from several ports on other islands and the Greek mainland;

  • Volos (All year – daily)
  • Mantoudi (All year – daily)
  • Kimi (Summer only)
  • Agios Constantinos (Summer only)
  • Skiathos (All year – daily)
  • Alonissos (All year – daily)
  • Skyros (Summer only)

Summer ferries

During the summer months several ferry companies provide a regular service to Skopelos.
There are two ports on Skopelos. Glossa (Loutraki) to the north and Skopelos town.
If you ask for a ticket to Skopelos you will be given a ticket to Skopelos town. If you want to go to Glossa you need to ask for Glossa.
There are two main ferry types;

  • Fast ferries – Flying Cat and Flying Dolphin
  • Car ferries

Ferry journey times

Journey time for the fast ferries to Glossa from Volos and Agios Constantinos is 2 hours. Skopelos town is about 1 hour longer.
The fast ferries from Skiathos take 20 minutes to Glossa and about 1:20 hrs to Skopelos town.
The car ferries to Skopelos are much slower, taking between 3 – 4 hours from Volos and Mantoudi to Glossa. Add about 1:20 hours for Skopelos town.


If you fly to Skiathos then it is a 10 minute taxi journey to the ferry port.
Volos is the main port servicing the islands. If you fly to Thessaloniki or Volos then this is the closest port to those airports.
If you fly to Athens then Mantoudi or Kimi are the closest ports.
There are good bus and rail links from these airports to the ferry ports.

Winter ferries to Skopelos

Although the service is reduced it is still daily with both fast and car ferries.

Links to ferries operating services to Skopelos

Companies providing ferries to Skopelos along with links to their web sites for timetables, prices and additional information.
Hellenic Seaways
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