things to do in Skopelos

Things to do in Skopelos

Sea kayaking

Deserted beaches


Churches and Monasteries

Things to do in Skopelos

Looking for things to do in Skopelos?

There are many things to do in Skopelos so you never need to be bored.

Skopelos offers a wide variety of things to do and see, we are slightly bias as we think the best way to explore the island is from the sea. Especially in the summer months as the temperatures rise and the clear Aegean sea warms up.

Sea kayaking

The best beaches and views of Skopelos are only accessible by kayak

Imagine being the captain of your own ship, well actually it’s a kayak, exploring the coast line of Skopelos. There are a myriad of treasures waiting for you to discover.

Most of the easily accessible beaches on the island are covered in sunbeds and umbrellas, if that’s what you enjoy then head to Kastani, Milia, Panormos, Elios, Stafilos, Agnondas or Liminari.

If your the sort of person that likes something a bit more peaceful and remote then there are numerous beaches waiting for you, most, so inaccessible that they haven’t even been named!

Whilst looking for these deserted beaches you will discover sea caves, tunnels and amazing cliffs. Wildlife around the island includes Elenora falcons soaring over head, Dolphin playing and the very rare Monk seal.

Mamma Mia church

Deserted beaches, caves and wildlife

First of all on my list of things to do in Skopelos is to go and find these deserted beaches, caves, cliffs and wildlife. Join one of our  sea kayaking tours and that’s exactly what we will do.

The day trip is best for getting to the most remote beaches, taking the time to swim and relax in these small slices of paradise. Its also the best opportunity to spot Dolphin, Falcons and if we are very lucky may be a Monk seal relaxing on one of those deserted beaches.

Alternatively, if watching the sunset is of more interest then our evening tour is for you. A sunset kayak trip takes in some fun maneuvering your kayak through beautiful limestone rock features before landing on a deserted beach for a swim and a snack of fresh fruit and cake, once refreshed it’s time to paddle off into the sunset.

Walking, Monasteries and Ancient sites

There are many walking trails around Skopelos passing through pristine pine forest and cool shaded olive groves or take a walk through the back streets of Glossa or the islands capital Skopelos. Teams of volunteers work tirelessly to keep open some old paths and discovering new ones. For more information on the walking trails or to volunteer or join a guided walk visit Heather Parsons web site Skopelos walks.

As for Monastries, Skopelos is littered with them, some of the largest are on Palouki, the mountain just outside the main town, the most famous church on the island is Agios Yannis (Saint John), the tiny chapel built on top of a rock over looking the sea that was featured in Mamma Mia the movie.

Ancient sites can be found every where. Some have been protected while others have just been left waiting for you to stumble across them. My favorite is the tombs at Sendukia, three ancient graves hewn out of the solid rock thousands of years ago, you can still see the tool marks of the ancient masons.

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