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Stories covering some of the things we get up to. If any of the furure trips are of interest or you have a trip that you would like us to plan feel free to contact us.

Sporades Adventure

Exploring the islands of the Northern Sporades with a group from the UK.

We encountered a wide range of weather and most impressive of all was a meter long Tuna jumping over the front of one of our kayaks!

5 Star sea kayak assessment

How I prepaired for and successfully passed my 5 star sea kayak assessment.

Devises to Westminster

This international canoe race takes place over Easter and covers a distance of 125 miles attracting around 1000 paddlers. Recognised as one of the toughest canoe races in the UK. This is the story of how I prepaired for this 4 day epic.

devizes to westminster
5 star sea kayak

5 star sea kayak

5 star sea kayak 5 star sea kayak preparation and assessment    …
Sporades adventure

Sporades adventure

Sea kayak island hopping holiday

Up and coming stories

New Zealand

We are planning to visit New Zealand next winter. Hopefully this trip will will include plenty of sea kayaking and also a few road trips.


This Autumn we are off to South Western Canada for a multi day kayak trip, hopfully we will get to sea whales, and as it will be the salmon run we are also hoping to see bears too.

If your interested in joining this trip, contact us and we will keep you informed as details become available.

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